The Interkulturale is a workshop festival in Heidelberg in spring 2016. An international network of artists associated with Villa Nachttanz is meeting in Heidelberg to further the cultural exchange of refugees and non-refugees through workshops.
For one week all of Villa Nachttanz will be transformed into a huge area for different initiatives, for young, modern, artistic forms of expression that will be new, exciting, and enriching! There are workhops in Urban Painting, Guerilla Art, Poetry Slam, Rap etc.
We are envisioning a kind of togetherness that is colorful and international. The goals of this program are exchange and the forming of a network, as well as the discovery and promotion of young artistic talent for future creative endeavors in Heidelberg and beyond.

The workshops will be multilingual and are free of charge. The number of participants is limited, which is why we are asking for a registration in advance.

If you need support to get to the Villa Nachttanz, let us know. Tickets for public transport can be refunded. If you have any other questions, don´t hesitate to contact us: +4917610307016


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Poetry Slam



urban painting